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This group is for the woman who has seen the warrior within, and she's not always nice.

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This group is for the woman who's seen or felt the warrior within...and she's not always nice and pretty! But she's strong, escpecially in a tribe or clan of like-minded women. Are you a warrior or want to be get in touch with yours? If you're a man, can you appreciate women who are warriors? My belief is that there's one in all of us--women and men. (There may be a whole tribe. :-) Some people like to refer to a strong woman as a hero or heroine.

Along with seeing the goddess within ( from our other groups), this group is about learnig from history and mythology regarding strong women, such as the Amazons, female gladiators, and yes, the many women like Rosa Parks and Sojurn Truth. It's about developing the philosophy of a warrior, who's assertive and / or even aggressive.

Feel free to share images, poetry, books, music videos, pics, ideas, etc.